Flint Hills
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mule chair Müle Line
Inspired by Dutch designer Jacob Müller, The Müle Line has contemporary proportions and a Midwest sensibility. Using honest, locally sourced materials, quality joinery and craftsmanship deeply rooted in tradition; these pieces are heirloom quality and ideal for the home or office.

• Furniture: Side table, desk, dining table, chair, bench, rocking chair.
• Case work: book case, gentleman’s bar, low/ tall credenza
Block table Block and Slab Line
Stripping furniture down to its core components of material and structure, The Block and Slab line draws its inspiration from primitive methods of construction that have endured over the course of millennia. The furnishings are made of reclaimed or responsibly harvested timbers, as well as high quality veneers, and have been engineered until a sleek simplicity is rendered in the final product.

• Furniture: cantilever chair, dining table, dining bench
• Case Work: book case, credenzas,
Kerei table Crossroads Line
Designed and proportioned with functionality and everyday life in mind for comfortable use; the subtle, exquisite detail layered over that process make The Crossroads Line anything but commonplace.

• Furniture: Chairs, dining table, side tables.
• Case Work: Low and medium height credenza, bookcase, gentleman’s bar
  Solid woods and veneers available: Ash, hickory, oak, walnut, torrefied ash and poplar (solid wood only.)

Select specialty woods will be available in limited edition runs. (Including, but not limited to spalted maple, hackberry, mahogany, and specialty veneers.)

Finishes: Oil/wax, Waterborne crystal clear varnish, solvent based catalyzed varnish, solvent based lacquers.